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Pranic Healing Basic Course (Level 1)

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2013
Advanced Pranic Healing Course (Level 2)

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2013

Learn how to use prana to heal and transform your life

Limited spaces. Register your interest now: email us.

Venue: Premier Inn, London Kings Cross N1 9AA

The students with the teachers at the Pranic Healing Basic course in February 2011

The Pranic Healing Basic Course (level 1) covers the following:

  • Complete Pranic Healing protocol including self-healing and distant healing
  • Structure of the energy body – Auras, major and minor chakras, nadis…
  • The function of the 11 major chakras and their relation to the physical body
  • Pranic Healing principles
  • The different sources of prana
  • Hands on healing practice through guided exercises between participants
  • Tips to stay sharp physically and mentally
  • The power of prayer
  • Principles of Karma
  • Breathing Techniques to increase vitality and well-being
  • Twin Hearts Meditation
  • And more insights on why people don’t heal and how to be/stay strong and healthy

  • The Advanced Pranic Healing Course (level 2) covers the following:

    Building on the foundation of the Basic course, the Advanced course provides knowledge about the different types of prana and their respective properties. To receive advanced pranic healing is comparable to going to a specialist instead of a general practitioner.

  •  Learn about various types of prana, their effects on chakras and their applications in relation to health
  •  Expand your knowledge of energy to master a number of very potent and comprehensive techniques
  •  Practice visualisations used for thorough healing of different organs and chakras
  •  Make the healing process much faster, much more efficient
  •  Develop your healing capability considerably in order to successfully tackle severe ailments

  • On completion of the course, you will be awarded an official Certificate of Participation, issued by the Institute of Inner Studies in Manilla.


    Achieve/maintain good health on the physical, mental and emotional levels

    Rid yourself from minor ailments by simply using your own hands

    Systematically create clarity, inner peace and inner strength

    Remove unhealthy addictions, depression, anger, resentment, etc

    Clear your mind from unhealthy and unproductive thought patterns

    Increase your natural intuitive abilities

    Make the ‘right’ decisions, attract the ‘right’ outcome

    Be more productive and feel more fulfilled at work

    Develop harmonious relationships and successful partnerships

    Experience a sense of connectedness with all aspects of life

    Book for the Basic Course (level 1) now in only a few clicks via Paypal!

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