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Life Coaching with Antoine
Antoine DELABARRE  is a Certified Life Coach,
Senior Pranic Healer and Healing Teacher based in London
My Life Coaching work allows you to go beyond the limiting conditioning of the past and move forward to live the life that is right for you.
In my sessions, we explore your feelings about your current life situation and we go deeper to get in touch with the real you to facilitate the full expression of your unique potential.
My approach to coaching is based on:
Simplicity. Honesty. Truth.
The solutions to your issues are all available here and now
Within you, you have intuitive knowledge that is accessible at all times
I simply guide you to open the right 'door' so that you can see it for yourself
My aim is to guide you to:
Clarity. Freedom. Inspiration.
What you can expect from one of my Life Coaching sessions:
The opportunity to express yourself in total confidence
Non-judgemental and attentive listening
Gentle exploration of existing life dynamics
Total acceptance of who you are
Support and non-prescriptive guidance
With the work that we do together you will be able to:
Identify any limiting beliefs
Release and free yourself of past wounds
Dissolve barriers to success and happiness
Engage in creating the life that is right for you
If you would like to find out more or wish to discuss your personal situation in complete confidence, please call me on 07894 157 237 or simply visit our contact us section.